New Electronic Device Policy

Research is showing that student achievement and feelings of being safe while at school are reduced when schools allow students to freely access their personal electronic devices and social media during instructional time.  In response to this, Hillside High School students will not be permitted to use personal electronic devices in the school during instructional time.  If a student is using their personal electronic device in the school during any scheduled class times, they will be taken from the student and handed in to the office.  The student will be allowed to pick up the personal electronic device at the end of the day.  If a second offense occurs, parents will be required to pick up the phone and a meeting will be held with school administration, the student and parent.

School News

Extra Time for Exams

Exam Writing Accommodations for Extra Time - As per the guidelines set out by Alberta Education, students are allowed
double the prescribed time for all exams. In order to accommodate this, while maintaining instructional time for students in
their courses, students who need/want extra time to write will:
a. be expected to complete the exam at noon on Tuesday or Thursday or during PLT on Friday.
b. be expected to access this extra time at the first available time slot.
c. be expected to begin afternoon grade 12 exams in the lunch hour before the exam.


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