New Electronic Device Policy

Research is showing that student achievement and feelings of being safe while at school are reduced when schools allow students to freely access their personal electronic devices and social media during instructional time.  In response to this, Hillside High School students will not be permitted to use personal electronic devices in the school during instructional time.  If a student is using their personal electronic device in the school during any scheduled class times, they will be taken from the student and handed in to the office.  The student will be allowed to pick up the personal electronic device at the end of the day.  If a second offense occurs, parents will be required to pick up the phone and a meeting will be held with school administration, the student and parent.

School News

Salute to our 2019 graduates!

As you stand in this very special place, marking both an ending and a beginning, we hope you pause to enjoy the magnitude of your achievement. From your first moments in Kindergarten, to your adventures as a senior, and all of the learning and growing in between, we are honoured to have been a part of your journey.

Some of us have taught you, coached you or cleaned your classrooms; others of us have driven your school bus, helped you with paperwork in the office, installed your playground equipment or cut the grass at your school. No matter our role, we have all been working towards this day - your graduation - and we are so very proud of each and every one of you!

On behalf of all of us at Northern Gateway Public Schools, congratulations! You got this! You matter! You're just getting started!


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