New Electronic Device Policy

Research is showing that student achievement and feelings of being safe while at school are reduced when schools allow students to freely access their personal electronic devices and social media during instructional time.  In response to this, Hillside High School students will not be permitted to use personal electronic devices in the school during instructional time.  If a student is using their personal electronic device in the school during any scheduled class times, they will be taken from the student and handed in to the office.  The student will be allowed to pick up the personal electronic device at the end of the day.  If a second offense occurs, parents will be required to pick up the phone and a meeting will be held with school administration, the student and parent.

School News

Ten new teachers inducted to the profession!

Ten NGPS teachers were officially welcomed into the profession last night following the near completion of their first year of teaching. Each year in NGPS, first year teachers, and teachers who are new to the province, are officially and jointly inducted into the profession by the Alberta Teachers' Association (ATA) alongside their NGPS trustees, colleagues and mentors.

The evening is a special event for inductees, our Local ATA and our Division. NGPS proudly co-hosts the annual induction with our Local ATA chapter in honour of the profession of teaching and the achievement of our first year teachers. Each inductee is introduced by their school principal who shares a few words about their new teacher(s) and their contribution to their school community.

NGPS Board Chair Judy Muir and Superintendent of Schools, Kevin Andrea, each brought greetings to inductees, reflecting on the significance of the first year of teaching, the role of the teacher in the classroom and the difference teachers make, not just in their classroom, but in their community and society as a whole.

Greg Jeffery, Alberta Teachers' Association President, led inductees in reciting their pledge and congratulated them on choosing the noble profession of teaching. 

This year's event was made even more special by the attendance of our Finnish and Icelandic exchange teachers, and their surprise honourary induction by ATA Local 43. 

Inductees took their oath in the company and spirit of the NGPS community.

Congratulations teachers:

Matthew Edey from Fox Creek School

Lindsay Wells from Harry Gray Elementary in Valleyview

Krysta Webb and Cindy Dingman Zanbak from Pat Hardy Primary in Whitecourt

Kimberly Hayton and Breckon Tulloch from Percy Baxter Middle School in Whitecourt

Ashley Chayka from Elmer Elson Elementary in Mayerthorpe

Kelly Harris from Mayerthorpe Jr/Sr High School

Alyssa Carthy from Rich Valley School

Petra Groenen from Hilltop Jr/Sr High School

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