Greenview Regional Multiplex

Ethan Barr from the Greenview Regional Multiplex has been in touch with the Grande Prairie Sports Council that give resources for a variety of sport opportunity programs.  There are various varsity sports such as football, volleyball, basketball, track & field as well as badminton played at Hillside. If any of the students would be interested in continuing to train and play in these sports over the summer he can get in touch with people who might be interested in coming in and coaching/running these sports over the summer holidays.

Cougars News

Hillside Track Provincial Results

Aggregate Points for top 2A Schools in the Province:

  1. Strathcona-Tweedsmuir       205
  2. Sundre                                     156.50
  3. Hillside                                    151
  4. J.R. Robson                               88.50

Individual Results

Anderson, Jaiden            Hurdles (14th)    

Drozda, Sam                   800m (15th)

Duda, Mickey                  Shot Put (Silver)               Discus (12th)

Hanson, Clay                    4 X 100m (11th)

Harris, Jesse                     4 X 100m (11th

Hatch, Rebekah               4 X 100m (14th

Hoddinott, Brittney         Hurdles (13th)                 Long Jump (14th)

Krieger Kirsten                  4 X 100m (14th)               Long Jump (14th)

L’Hirondelle, Braeden       Discus (10th)

Redhead-Soto, Chavo        Javelin (6th)        

Redhead-Soto, Noble         Javelin (14th)                      

Rose, Allysa                        Shot Put (16th)                Discus (16th)

Serediak, Josh                    Shot Put (Silver)            4 X 100m (11th)                 Hurdles (12th)                     100m (12th)

Seweryn, Mike                   Shot Put (7th)                  Javelin (16th)                Triple Jump (10th)                Long J. (14th)

Sigurdson, Lauren             4 X 100m (14th)              200m (15th)                  400m (9th)

Soto, James                         High Jump (7th)

Vetsch  Cole                        4 X 100m (11th )              200m (15th)

Werklund, Tristan              100m (5th)

Williams, Stephanie           4 X 100m (14th)              Triple Jump (13th)             


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