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Ethan Barr from the Greenview Regional Multiplex has been in touch with the Grande Prairie Sports Council that give resources for a variety of sport opportunity programs.  There are various varsity sports such as football, volleyball, basketball, track & field as well as badminton played at Hillside. If any of the students would be interested in continuing to train and play in these sports over the summer he can get in touch with people who might be interested in coming in and coaching/running these sports over the summer holidays.

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Junior Badminton - Hillside Mini Tourney RESULTS: April 1st

Our junior badminton team did extremely well in the mini-tournament held @ Hillside on Thursday April 1st, 2015.  Because of the smaller numbers, many categories were combined.  Schools that participated were Harry Gray grade 6’s, Hythe, St. Stephen’s and Ridgevalley.  Out of 15 categories we had nine 1st place finishes and six 2nd place finishes. 

 1st place finishers were:  Brooke Kobe & Cali-Jaye Rohloff (D), Patrick Harris & Jordyn Gyurkovits (D), Will Staples & Leia King (D), Rebecca Burgoyne (S),  Aimee Caron & Cara Meyers (D), Josh L’Hirondelle & Jaycie Fjeld (D), Donna Goodswimmer (S),  Cody Caron & Rylee Hebert (D), Tyler Wirth & Nyah Czaban (D)

2nd place finishers were: Michala Serediak (S), Sam Coward (S), Austin Caron (S), Kirsten Stewart & Jessica Hamilton (D), Cody O’Toole & Taylor Seweryn (D), Dylan Tollefson (S)


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