Scholarships and Post Secondary Planning


Canfor awards $1,000 High School Scholarships to graduating students in its operating
communities to encourage young people to choose a professional, technical or trades career pathway that supports the forest and wood products manufacturing sector.

As a global leader in manufacturing of sustainable forest products, Canfor is committed to
supporting future foresters, business and wood products manufacturing leaders, and skilled
tradespersons prepare to contribute to the future growth and sustainability of its sector.

Eligible Areas of Study include:
• Forestry / Forest Ecology & Management
• Wood Products Manufacturing
• Process, Mechanical or Chemical Engineering
• Certified Trades:
   -  Millwright
   -  Electrician
   -  Heavy-duty Mechanic
   -  Instrumentation Mechanic
   -  Saw filer/Benchman
   -  Pipefitter
   -  Welder
   -  Power Engineer
   -  Carpenter
• Business Programs:
   -  Business Administration
   -  Business Technology
   -  Accounting
   -  Finance
   -  Supply Chain Management
   -  Marketing
   -  Human Resources

Talk to your school counsellor/Awards contact to understand eligibility requirements, download an application, and be nominated by your school.

You can also visit for more information.

ScholarTree Scholarship opportunities

At ScholarTree, we always look for various scholarships that apply to as many different types of students as possible. We have found that the more unique a scholarship criteria, the more likely a student is to apply and, more importantly, win that particular scholarship. We have made a concerted effort to add more unique scholarships in the last month. We have added over 20 brand-new scholarships in the last couple of weeks. 

Here are some scholarships that are exclusive to ScholarTree:

Scholarships for Indigenous Students

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Our scholarships for Indigenous students work to address the education inequity faced by Indigenous peoples in Alberta by making post-secondary studies more financially accessible.

The $1,500 awards are based on scholastic achievement, financial need and community involvement. Scholarship recipients are selected by an external committee with expertise in academia and Indigenous education.

Scholar Tree

Scholarship season is fully underway. There are currently over 8 Million Dollars worth of scholarships open for applications on ScholarTree! This week alone, we have added 15 scholarships worth over $120,000.

Once students complete their profiles, they will be matched to all the awards they qualify for. However, many students miss that at the top left-hand corner of their scholarship list, they can filter scholarships by various categories: Program of Study, Ethnicity, Financial Need, etc. 

Here is a list of scholarships available this month

Google Sheet - October 2023 Scholarship List
Excel File - October 2023 Scholarship List
PDF - October 2023 Scholarship List

Here are two unique scholarships:

We know that in these uncertain economic times, more people are worried about finances than usual, so we wanted to create a short presentation about where students can find scholarships and provide tips to improve their scholarship applications. Access the presentation here: Scholarship Advice